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  •  Jazz Class

    • Dancers work on flexibility and core strength to be able to execute jazz skills properly. In class, dancers work on placement and body alignment, body isolations, leaps, and turns. Ballet technique is recommended to maximize the dancers' jazz skills. Classes are progressive and aim to tap into each student's potential as their dance skills are strengthened and new challenges are introduced appropriate for each level. Dancers work on combinations that help with choreography retention. Jazz is best described as a dance style that highlights jumps and turns using proper technique in a stylized form.

  •  Hip-Hop Class

    • This is a high energy form of performance known for its unique "Street" flare of dance. Hip-Hop is one of the most popular styles of dance seen on music videos, and is a broad collection of urban street dance styles including Breaking, Popping, Locking, Turfing, Jerkin and Krumping. Body isolations are typical in hip hop, side to side sharp and rapid movement, quick shifts of weight and precise arm motions make for intense, hard hitting- yet smooth style of dancing. Dancers are taught to execute this energetic form of dance through structured choreography and improvisation.

  •  Tap Class

    • Tap is a unique style of dance involving specific and rapid footwork. Dancers work on basic sounds and continue to be challenged in order to build the ability to create accurate, clean sounds that properly match the rhythms and beats of music. . Two major variations on tap dance exist: rhythm (jazz) tap and Broadway tap. Broadway tap focuses on dance; it is widely performed in musical theater. Dancers build their ankle and foot strength as they practice skills across the floor. Rhythm Tap is based on the complex rhythms created with the feet.

  •  Ballet Class

    • Ballet is the foundation of all forms of dance and is essential to all other areas of technique. Dancers will work on body alignment, strengthening, core work, turnout and working through their feet. Ballet is highly recommended for students studying other styles, and is mandatory for all company members.

  •  Lyrical/Contemporary Class

    • Lyrical/Contemporary incorporates Ballet and Jazz technique and is set to modern and classical music. Movements in lyrical dance are characterized by fluidity and grace, with the dancer flowing seamlessly from one move to another, holding finishing steps as long as possible. Leaps are exceptionally high and soaring, and turns are fluid and continuous. Powerful, expressive songs are often used in lyrical dance to give dancers a chance to express a range of strong emotions through their dancing.

  •  Musical Theater Jazz Class

    • Musical Theater Jazz relies heavily on Jazz technique and storytelling from current Broadway hits as well as the classics. Students will become familiar with the work of such choreographers as Bob Fosse and Jerome Robbins. Musical Theater dance is often sharp, precise, and time-period specific. Musical Theater dance is a high-energy dance form that often incorporates vibrant facial expressions.


  •  Stretch/Core/Feet Class

    • Stretch/Core/Feet is a thirty minute class that focuses on strengthening the dancer's core and feet while also working on flexibility. Stretch/Core/Feet also allows the dancer to focus on breathing and clarity of movement during leg extension, strengthening, stretching, and abdominal exercises.


  •  Jazz/Hip Hop Tumblebugs Class

    • Tumblebugs classes are geared toward our younger dancers ages 2.5-4 and are a great introduction to dance. In Jazz/Hip Hop, dancers work on proper alignment as well as basic combinations down the floor. All Tumblebug classes execute basic gymnastic skills and stretching techniques down the mat while assisted by their teacher. All tumblebug classes learn a choreographed dance in one genre to perform in our June Showcase.


  •  Turn, Jump, and Kick Class

    • It's all in the name! In Turn, Jump, and Kick class dancers work on combinations down the floor, isolated stretching and core work, as well as improvisation. It is a fast moving class where you will work on multiple turn progressions and jump sequences. Turn, Jump, and Kick is an essential class for all serious dancers that seek to further perfect their technique.


  •  Ballet/Tap Tumblebugs Class

    • In Ballet/Tap, dancers learn the basic positions in Ballet and work to perfect plies, tendus, and ronde de jombe's. Dancers also learn the fundamentals of Tap, including shuffle and flap. All Tumblebug classes execute rolls and stretching techniques down the mat while assisted by their teacher. All tumblebug classes learn a choreographed dance in one genre to perform in our June Showcase.


  •  Show Choir Class

    • This class is designed for the triple threat. Our Show Choir team combines their dance technique and vocal performance skills to produce award-winning performances. DMPA's Show Choir performs a medley of songs from a specific musical, which incorporates intricate choreography and vocal harmonization, challenging students as dancers, singers and actors. Our Show Choir team has won numerous regional and national competitions. Audition required.


  •  Acting Class

    • During this exciting class, students will work on performing dialogues, monologues and other elements of scene work. Students also play improvisational games to build confidence and make them step outside their comfort zone.


  •  Vocal Class

    • This amazing class is designed to work on students' breath control, harmonization, vocal range, and characterization of a song. Each class you will learn effective warm up and practice routines. You will also learn ways to address performance anxiety, sing with consistent, accurate intonation and learn how to perform on stage.


  •  Mommy & Me Class

    • This class is designed for our 1.5 to 3 year olds. It is a great class for both parent and toddler to share in those special moments of learning and growing. You will learn songs and exercises based on dance and gymnastics fundamentals. Don't miss out on this exciting class!


  •  Gymnastics Class

    • Don't miss out on this exciting class! You will learn cartwheels, round offs, back hand springs, back tucks and more. Learn the techniques of floor gymnastics while increasing flexibility and stability while building your core strength.


  •  Salsa Class

    • Salsa is a popular form of social dance that originated in New York with strong influences from Latin America particularly Cuba and Puerto Rico. In this class you will learn intricate footwork, hip isolations and musicality..